By: Provoke Relations

Medical Marijuana and Chronic Pain

Dr. Dustin Sulak wants to talk to us about chronic pain and the compassion he has for everyone who has to experience or suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis. Sulak know the pain has a broad affect on a person’s life including there sleep, enjoyment of pleasurable activities, having healthy relationships with family and friends, the productivity you have at work, and relationships with themselves. Sulak’s patients don’t have a sense of feeling of who they are any more all they know is that they have a intense pain on a daily basis and Sulak has a better option for them. Most of the conventional medical treatment haven’t been working well with for the patients the opioid primary drugs are oxycodone, hydrocodone, percocet, generally are medication that have been used very successfully with treatment of post pain from surgerys. The problem with using them to treat chronic pain is that the effect on the it starts to diminish over time, they require higher and higher dosage and over time the don’t solve the problem of helping people improve the quality of their lives, it’s just a temporary fix.

Conventional treatment of chronic pain include seizure medication like gabapentin lyrica a non steroidal, anti inflammatory like ibuprofen antidepressant which can help with depression. Sulak see a lot of patients that are dissatisfied with the results they are getting from the conventional treatment. Dr. Sulak has a different option for his patients which comes from the nature and is safe and effective and very useful in the treatment of chronic pain. He has seen thousands of patients use medical marijuana to treat chronic pain and it has been highly successful. The patients can’t believe the success they have since using cannabis how it decreases the intensity of the pain, the pain is not as strong as it us to be even better it had changed the quality of the pain and letting them put the pain on the back burner. The pain no longer ruins their lives, and brings the person back in the moment. That’s the part of the effect someone in chronic pain often has a fight or flight state of nervous system, which improves to make good irrational decisions and makes them more likely to react emotionally and irrationally to situation and stressors. Cannabis not only treats pain it self it also treats the whole person. When patients use marijuana for pain they find that there stress has gone down, they are sleeping better, feeling a connection to something greater than themselves.they are finally out of the box that chronic pain has keep them in and that’s a great thing.